Европейска конференция за

демократично образование

We are delighted to invite you to the 13th European Conference
on Democratic Education.

Since its creation, the annual gathering of the whole European Democratic Education Community (EUDEC) has been hosted in places like Crete in Greece Paris in France Mikkeli in Finland Warsaw in Poland Copenhagen in Denmark Soest in Netherlands Freiburg in Germany Devon in UK Roskilde in Denmark Cieszyn in Poland Leipzig in Germany

After 12 inspiring and enriching editions, we are so happy and enthusiastic to welcome it and host it in Bulgaria!!!

The EUDEC conference is this special moment in the year, where people who are active in the field of the democratic education – as founders of schools, teachers, parents, alumni, supporters and like-minded people meet to share experiences, exchange ideas, make contacts, discuss important topics, learn from each other, work on projects and have fun together.
This year we are inspired to create an unique experience in an open space format and at the same time – workshops, lectures, topics and discussions that can be enriching everybody’s personal growth, prepared from the Bulgarian experience in the field of education and related to it’s topics.

Our goals are:

  • To present the democratic education to the Bulgarian society with lectures from well-known names in the field;

  • To ensure the traditional creative and inspiring EUDEC Conference’s atmosphere as an annual meeting point for all the people from the community;

  • To share the experience of the Bulgarian people in the fields of interesting teaching methodologies, child development, risky play, play therapy, restorative practices, nonviolent communication, school mediation and group facilitation;

  • To enjoy every moment, have fun and play together;

  • To meet all the community with Bulgarian traditions, culture, nature, music and spirit.

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2-8 August 2020
Sofia, Bulgaria!